Frequently Asked Questions


What are Power Systems

Power is an acronym that stands for Performance Optimisation With Enhanced RISC. Power System is the name of IBM's unified Power Architecture-based server line merging System i and p.

The System i runs on IBM i whiles the System p runs on the AIX platform. System P is the mostly used in Banks whiles the System I is used by other corporate bodies such as TOR, VALCO, WAEC, GWCL, etc.

Why use high-yield toners that are more expensive

High-yield toners give you more printouts than lower-yield ones, eventually working out cheaper for you

Are IBM Systems open systems

Definitely! IBM Systems work with other systems seamlessly

Why does MWG deal in IBM products

IBM products are the most reliable on the market. They also come with up to 3 years warranty

What services does MWG offer

MWG offers maintenance and repairs on all our line of products, Computer Network Services and sale of Accessories and Consumables

What is MWG's offerred line of products

MWG deals in:

- Lenovo Laptops

- Lenovo Desktops and Towers

- IBM Servers (Power Systems, X-Series and BladeCenters)

- Lexmark and InfoPrint Printers